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Minuto’s Locksmith have being in business since 1984 in the Chula Vista Area,  our service have evolve from duplicating keys to a full security company giving you service from Security Business Consultant to security guard for your business.

Your One-call Locksmith Service

Is not just keys anymore, we are a one stop shop, we sell, install and repair all hardware for security.

Locks Repairs

our Master Lockstmith are the best in their field give a us call for a free estimate


We can help you from the begining of your construction planing and giving you a free consultation on security for all the project not just the locks.


Update hardware is not dificult when you use our free consulation services. We provide not just the planing but guide all the way.


Yes we do cameras and much more

Home automation

Locks automation is not a fanstasy anymore let us show how affordable it can be

doors replacement

Let us help choose the right door for you home oir business.

Get A Free Consultation & Estimate

Just is free estimate no string attach you like our estimate we do the job and one more happy customer

Emergency lockout services are the number one reason our customer call us, the first time. Whit more that 30 years in the business we not only have the expertise but the reputation of being fair and honest.

Car remote not working

With the price at the dealer you best option is to call us and let us service your car.

Fire Marshal issues

We can fix all fire marshal Issues with you locks

We can take the pain of the fire marshall away we work with all city’s Fire Marshall and we now what hardware you need to meet and exceed fire marshall requirements

One picture is worth a thousand words, see the pciture and you will find all the service we can offer.

Freequently Asked Questions

Do you service all vehicles?
We service most vehicles however some of the newer model are only dealer serviceable, so we will not work on them.
Why do you charge service call?
Our vehicle required regular services as oil change and tires replacement, insurance and general maintenance overall. The service call is to cover all those charges and to bring the shop to you.
I lost my key can you make one from scratch?
Yes that is our business
Will you damage my car when you open the door?
No, we will not damage you car, however we can’t anticipate or give you any express or written warranty about it, since it may depend in a lot of factor. We will make a more than reasonable attempt to open your car with out any damage. And we are not responsible for minor damages as we do our job as we have you  sign a waiver for damages.
Will my insurance cover the lockout cost?
In most cases the insurance companies will cover a locksmith service cost. You will have to submit the invoice to the insurance company
What payment do you take?
We take all credit cards with a processing fee and cash always no FEE.

Have a differint Question?


“I call Minuto’s Locksmith in the middle of a busy Friday, Enrique the owner answer and he told me he will be there in 30 minutes as he show up on time and open my car fast with no damage , Very pleasant man, he made a copy of my car key in the spot .”

Hector Ramirez

“I was so afraid to call any locksmith in the net, but after he show and open my house within a couple of minutes with any damages to the lock and I pay the price he quote me on the phone I was so relive that I called Minuto’s locksmith”

Jane Contreras

“As I schedule a re-key for an eviction on one of my properties, I was afraid that he was not going to show or be late having the Marshall waiting. But it was the opposite I was late and Enrique the owner   meet the Marshal and was able to represent me being late.  He has the reputation with the community the Marshall where ok to continue with the order with out me being present, and when I arrived it was all done , house secure with new keys”

David White

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Satisfaction Guarantee

We will make it. right or you don’t pay.

A One-call Shop

One call and we can take care of all.

Free Consultation

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